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Samsung Galaxy S6 to reverberate Alpha with new metal new? - 0 views

    Samsung Galaxy S6 to reverberate Alpha with new metal new? - With the metal edged Samsung Galaxy Alpha having been authoritatively revealed recently, it has now been guaranteed that the Korean maker will push its new outline
Jeff Johnson

Squeeze: Seamless File Compression - 4 views

    Squeeze is a background file compressor, which uses the new HFS-compression technology in Snow Leopard to transparently compress the folders you configure it to process. Mac OS will read those files normally, they will just take less disk space. How does it work? Just select some folders to compress and Squeeze will silently work in the background to compress the files contained on those folders, regaining disk space. Whenever you use any of those files, Snow Leopard will read it like any other file in the system - it will simply take less space.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

German company PearC begins selling line of Mac clones | All Apple News - 0 views

    A German company called PearC is selling a variety of configurable Mac clones. Despite the legal trouble Psystar is having with Apple, PearC believes that a German law about the enforceability of EULAs might keep it out of hot water.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Sync Your iPhone 3G with Vista and Outlook | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    The iPhone may be an Apple product, but that hasn't stopped plenty of Windows users from jumping in and buying one. With Apple's free iTunes software, Mac and PC owners alike can synchronize music, movies, photos, and now even third-party applications.
Graham Perrin

use iTunes to prefer a calendar for events created on iPhone and iPod touch - 0 views

  • setting in iTunes to specify which calendar is used for new events created on the iPod touch
  • expect the Sync Engine to communicate with multiple clients
  • Truth Database has the truth
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • Conflict Resolver offers its services to you — the human — for a decision to be made
  • use iTunes to prefer a calendar for events created on iPhone and iPod touch
  • The Info pane lets you configure the sync settings for your contacts, calendars, email accounts, and web browser.
  • For users of Mac OS X, some illustrations and background information
  • an iPhone may use both MobileMe (wirelessly) and a computer (typically wired)
  • Clients of Sync Engine may be many
  • If you have two or more Mac OS X computers:
  • a Truth Database and Sync Engine on each computer
  • If in addition you subscribe to MobileMe:
  • your MobileMe account is a client of multiple Sync Engines
David Corking

How to Switch to the Mac - Tao of Mac | February 2007 | Rui Carno - 0 views

  • the installer creates the first user account. This is the important bit: it is an administration account – call it “Administrator” or something like that and create another for yourself afterwards (if you’re a UNIX head, this is not root, which is disabled).
    • David Corking
      Q: Why doesn't the installer _tell_ you this? It looks and feels like an ordinary unix user with 'sudo' access, but according to Tao, it can be troublesome. A: My guess is that Apple doesn't want you to have to remember two passwords. Perhaps Apple decided, unlike Tao, that the security of asking for passwords for important tasks is good enough.
  • Create your own Applications folder inside your home directory (Mac OS X will change the icon accordingly) and try out new stuff in there.
  • Put things you want to share among users in the /Users/Shared folder.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • drag the entire Applications folder to the right-hand side of the Dock, forming what Apple calls a “stack”
  • Set up separate accounts for kids using the Simple Finder or Some Limits option under the Limitations tab.
    • David Corking
      In Mac OS X 10.4, you find this in preferences under Accounts, and click the "Parental Controls" tab, then select Finder and click Configure .... I don't think there is a "Limitations" tab.
    This article is packed with great tips that you won't find in other introductory tutorials. Therefore it is a bit heavy to read, and worth dipping into even if you have used Macs for a year or two.
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