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Adam Mills

Apple eliminates iPhone 4 return fee - 1 views

    Apple has apparently ditched that iPhone 4 restocking fee, one of the main factors behind a lawsuit recently thrown at the company.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Apple, AT&T sued again over iPhone | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Apple and AT&T are facing another lawsuit over the iPhone 3G.

Porter Ranch Lawsuit - 1 views

    To explore comprehensively about Porter Ranch Lawsuit make sure you browse through Porter Ranch Gas Leak News extensively. For possible real estate issues, symptoms associated with the exposure to methane gas, check out our website.
Saqib Imran

Oracle sues Google over Android OS by Saqib Imran - 0 views

    "Oracle has filed suit against Google over its most popular operating system Android. In a statement from Oracle rep release early today, he stated "In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle's Java related intellectual property. This lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies for their infringement""

Volkswagen Strike by new Investor lawsuits in Germany - Research Via - 0 views

    More Volkswagen shareholders came ahead to sue the German automobile comp over its emissions-cheating scandal, bringing overall damages sought so far in Germany alone to more than USD 5.6 billion.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Apple iPhone 3G wins Gadget of the year award | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Reuters reports that the Apple iPhone 3G has been voted Gadget of the year by the readers of Stuff magazine. Apparently the Apple iPhone 3G out-beat the likes of Microsoft's Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii Fit add-on, and B&W Zeppelin iPod speakers.
lu yang

Apple: Samsung copied too much even Google could not stand - 0 views

    The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung next week a formal trial, although not yet a formal trial, but the two sides have begun a war of words. It is reported that Apple plans to use the Samsung contents of the file to defend, some of which File, Samsung smart phones and android tablet pcs and Apple iPhone (parameter picture sample evaluation) and iPad are surprisingly similar, it is also within the company The issue had been discussed, but has also been a clear warning of Google and other third-party companies. Apple said in the trial file: "Samsung's documents show that Samsung products with Apple products is not accidental, not Samsung's own claim that" natural evolution ", on the contrary, it is Samsung intentionally copied the result of sales of the iPhone and the iPad appearance, icon design and intuitive user interface Samsung's public statements and the contents of the file inconsistencies, Apple will be based on the file to defend. " Some evidence in the trial documents show, Samsung is not only interested in copying the iPhone and iPad some of the features and functionality, this bad behavior has also been a clear warning of Google and other third-party companies. The following are the some of the more persuasive view Apple excerpt from the files of the trial: - In February 2010, Google had explicitly told Samsung, the latter "P1" and P3 google android tablet (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1) and the iPad is too similar, and requested the Samsung P3, with the iPad distinguish off. ung's product design team pointed out that the Galaxy S and iPhone 4S looks much like the "regrettable". - Samsung launched a formal assessment of some well-known designers had warned Samsung, Galaxy S "from the outside over-copied the design of the iPhone, Samsung should have its own innovation." The designers explained that the "Galaxy S is very similar appearance with the iPhone, there is no significant difference if you put the Samsung Logo on the product cove
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