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thanaads Thanaads Noo

First 'Google phone' to debut Sept. 23 | Mobile Phone Googles Update - 0 views

    US telecom carrier T-Mobile is slated to unveil on September 23 a "Google phone" built by Taiwanese firm HTC and to have the device for sale in stores as early as October.
Bakari Chavanu

Gmail power tools | Business Center | Working Mac | Macworld - 0 views

  • Gmail changed all that. Google’s free Web-based e-mail service offers a so-good-you-forget-it’s-there spam filter, multi-gigabytes of storage, custom addresses, and more, all for free.
  • On the Gmail Labs settings page (click on Settings, then select the Labs tab), you’ll find a list of more than 40 experimental Gmail features which you can selectively enable or disable. Google warns that these features may “change, break, or disappear” at any time, but I think a few of them are well worth the risk:
  • Canned Responses If you find yourself typing the same message over and over, you can instead type it once, save it
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  • Multiple inboxes You don’t have to stick with the default inbox view. You can instead stack additional groups of messages—all messages with a certain label, or drafts, or all messages from your spouse, for example—beside, above, or below your main Gmail inbox. This multiple inbox view is particularly effective if you have a widescreen display.
  • Mailplane
  • Gmail’s built-in mail fetcher lets you consolidate all your POP3 e-mail accounts into your Gmail inbox. In Gmail’s Settings, on the Accounts and Import tab, click on Add POP3 e-mail account. From there, you can enter your other accounts’ credentials; they’ll then appear in your Gmail inbox
  • Voice and video chat You can skip Skype or iChat entirely and chat via voice and video from inside Gmail. You’ll need a microphone, iSight or other Web cam, and the free voice and video plug-in (compatible with OS X 10.4 and above).
  • Managing Gmail deprives you of one (evil but necessary) feature of a desktop client: new mail notifications. You can remedy that by downloading the free new Notifier for Mac to
  • Forgotten Attachment Detector When you compose an e-mail that promises a document and hit send without attaching the file, this embarrassment-saver asks if you meant to attach a file first.
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