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Vivek Chauhan

iPhone Applicaton Development for Amtrak government-company | iFuturz - 0 views

    Amtrak, the government-owned company that manages railroad services in US, has made a firm determination to use the iPhone Development as a rail service tool and to accomplish this mission the conductors are being trained since November to avail the Apple handsets as an electronic ticket scanner as reported by the NEW YORK TIMES. By now more than 1,500 conductors are using the devices on Amtrak trains on a few selected routes. The iOS devices contain an extra battery and a barcode scanner along with an app that aids in scanning & also displays special conditions as for a disabled person to coordinate a wheelchair lift at a particular destination. The app also enables the conductors to report mechanical failures of the train.
Sandy John

Bulk SMS India & Mobile Phone Book Online - 0 views

    Mobile phone turns to be more advanced, loaded with extreme 4G features which make these electronic devices to be the world's most used gadgets these days. Mobile Fundoo offers bulk sms India, online mobile phone book, sms alert service, sms reminder service to promote your business with free all types sms collections, free mobile wallpapers, mobile games download, mobile theme, mobile ringtones & all other mobile application services.
mahmed azam

Immersion fluid .. A new technique for cooling electronic devices - 0 views

    يعد تبريد الاجهزة الالكترونية الحديثة من اكثر المشاكل التي حيرت العلماء والباحثين, نظرا لما تسببة الحرارة الكبيرة من استهلاك للطاقة والتأثير السلبي على الاجهزة نفسها. ولكن مؤخرا بعد جهد ملحوظ من فريق من الباحثين في جامعة ليدز البريطانية, توصل الفريق إلى اختراع تقنية جديدة لتبريد الأجهزة الإلكترونية، وذلك عن طريق مرور سائل معين عبر التوصيلات الالكترونية مباشرة لتبريدها.
Jikku Thankachan


    A complete portal for new technology updates, how-to guides, software and electronic devices usage and hack for daily usage.
Simon Rodriquez

The Apple TV - the Good and the Bad - 5 views

When buying electronic products, it's best to read reviews first. Reviews help us to evaluate the effectiveness, safety, and price of an electronic device. Today, we'll be looking at apple TV revie...

started by Simon Rodriquez on 31 Jul 12 no follow-up yet
jim con

iPads turning into professional tool for doctors - 2 views

    Like Apple iPad. Is the best electronic item at this moment. For me is perfect to turning into prefessional area.
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    Yes, we will see much more use of tablet devices in medicine, business and education as the desire to access information from anywhere and from multiple devices increases.
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thanaads Thanaads Noo

How to: Hack your iPhone 3g | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    In this video, He show you how to jailbreak your iphone 3g using quickpwn. (These steps will work for the iphone, iphone 3g, and the original ipod touch.) By the way, this program, which is free, will work on both Windows and MAC OS X.

Buy Best Prepaid Phones Ontario - 0 views

    Need mobile phones at wholesale prices in Ontario? Wireless Warehouse Wholesale is specialize on , Wholesale GSM Phone , Sim Cards and best prepaid phones in Ontario. We provide very competitive prices. Register now to shop online!
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Apple's Next-Gen iPhone Picture Getting Clearer | All Apple News - 2 views

    Like a stoic chess player, Apple gives nothing away, but the hints are there as to what could be next. And naturally, there's no shortage of speculation.
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