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wing monica

iPhone or Palm Pre? - 5 views

this info copy from iPhone 3.0 vs. Palm: which one would you want to get? iPhone or Palm Pre? Sprint, Palm...


started by wing monica on 31 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Jeff Johnson

6 Free iPad Apps for Planning Your Next Vacation - 8 views

    Over the past decade, booking travel plans has become exponentially easier. Gone are the days when we relied on travel agents to book flights, hotels and car rentals. Why call an agent when you can do your own research quicker and more thoroughly online? And now, mobile devices, including the iPad, are making travel planning even easier, giving vacationers the option to book on the fly. The iPad is on its way to becoming the digital travel companion of choice - with games, books, music, news, magazines, social networking, e-mail, shopping and more, it has just about anything you could ask for to make your travels more entertaining. With increasing app options, it's also making vacation planning much smoother.
    The latest news in the world has ever seen. Recent and into atoms. Now present with us. Actual and reliable....NEWS TODAY
megan2008 luo

Silvery Flower Pattern Black Plastic Case for iPod Touch 2G - 0 views

    The Silvery Flower Design Plastic Case for iPod Touch II. Made of high quality and duable plastic, special designed to protect your iPod Touch from scratch and dirt. The cover case is a good choice for your iPod Touch II!
Mac Gizmo Guy

Mac TV - Watch Edit Share : Apple Macintosh HD TV Tuner Options - 0 views

    Best Analog & Digital ATSC and Clear QAM television tuner choices for Mac OS X. Choose from manufacturers like ElGato, Hauppauge, Pinnacle Micro, Miglia, Equinux and SiliconDust
Graham Perrin The New World of Browser Choices is All About the Hooks - 0 views

  • the biggest trojan horse I see going forward to impact the browser marketplace is the iPhone
  • Could Mozilla/Firefox Apps Be Re-written for WebKit?
  • another WebKit-based browser, that could shake things up
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • more tied into Apple's infrastructure of E-mail, Address Book, and iCal than ever before
    • Graham Perrin
      The infrastructure may be good but I greatly dislike hooks and ties.
yc c

Hot Potatoes Home Page - 0 views

    The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Hot Potatoes is not freeware, but it is free of charge for those working for publicly-funded non-profit-making educational institutions, who make their pages available on the web. Other users must pay for a licence. Check out the Hot Potatoes licensing terms and pricing on the Half-Baked Software Website.
alex nikle

Leawo Free DVD to iPhone Converter: Convert DVD to iPhone MP4 video or audio so easy, multiple iPhone converters! - 0 views

    Wanna play DVD movies on your iPhone free? Leawo Free DVD to iPhone Converter is the best choice on conveting DVD to iPhone MP4 video file
jonny depp

How to Convert WAV to M4R for iPhone Ringtone - 0 views

    WAV to M4R Converter is your best choice to convert WAV music files to M4R ringtone. After converting WAV to M4R, you can load converted M4R ringtone to iPhone directly without iTunes.
Mac Gizmo Guy

Apple Mac Compatible Graphics Tablets and Pads - 6 views

    Top choices in Mac compatible drawing tablets for casual sketchers and doodlers - or Pro graphics designers and illustrators.
Adam Mills

iPad 2 versus Motorola Xoom - 0 views

    Now that the iPad 2 is out, you have a choice to make. iOS or Android. Maybe this spec comparison between the Motorola Xoom and iPad 2 can help you over the fence.
Aline Ohannessian

SuperDocker: Modify Appearance of Your Mac OX | Design Marketing Advertising Free Tips - 3 views

    For those who use a Mac (smart choice by the way ;) ) here is a nice application that allows for modifying the design appearance.  You're thinking 'why would i...
avana vail

Tory Burch Flats Red-violet - 0 views

    Looking for other flats that will show your styling? This Tory Burch Flats Red-violet would surely be an ideal choice. Just by taking a glance at it, you know that this is something that will truly reveal your charm. If you want to pull off an elegant and stylish look without getting rid of comfort, then all you have to do is wear this tory burch flat. Tory Burch is known for her great flats. The Tory Burch Flats are great leather shoes that are comfortable and appeals to women from all walks of life. For spring and summer though, perhaps you are looking for a more breathable shoe that will still look great and has the Tory Burch flats feel to them still. The Tory Burch Flats are the perfect solution for a great lightweight shoe.
Dialaphone UK

iPhone/iPad App Review: Final Freeway 2R | Mobile Phone Blog - 0 views

    "Sega's Out Run was one of the runaway arcade successes of the mid-1980s, a graphically and sonically excellent driving game which stood out thanks to the choice of either a stand-up cabinet or a motorized sit-down version which replicated the movement of the car."
gary pang

Amazon Kindle Fire HD VS Google Nexus 7: Which Is Your Own Taste? | Tips and News about Mobile Devices! - 0 views

    The Kindle Fire HD is launched with a few great features and the competitive price of $199. but comparing with Google Nexus 7, Which one will be your choice. let's have a brief look at their pros and cons.
Phones 4u

A Night Out With The Pads: How "The New iPad" Stacks Up Against The iPad 2 - 0 views

    "If you were anywhere near the internet, or indeed any medium capable of relaying news of any kind, you'll know that there was a bit of fuss kicked up over a new slab of tech called the new iPad. Launched at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts inSan Franciscoyesterday evening by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the new device caused both "Wows!" and head scratching in equal measure, mainly due to the improved spec line up and bizarre choice of name (The new iPad? What are they gonna call the next one? The newer iPad?), but the main question being asked was "how's it better than the last one?". Well, we're gonna do a little head to head to find out …"
christa joe

BYOA - Next Level of BYOD - 0 views

    BYOA or Bring Your Own Application is the new trend enterprises are employing these days. It leverages the workforce to deploy the application of their own choice into their area of operations in an organization.
Mike Gahms

Metro Ethernet - Best Choice For Your Metropolitan Business - 0 views

    Metro Ethernet is attractive solution for small to medium-sized businesses due to its simplicity and cost-efficient features. Metro Ethernet connections is continuing to rise as customers discover that they make a sophisticated choice for companies with multiple city-dwellings within the area.
christa joe

Why BlackBerry 10 OS is a Success - 0 views

    Blackberry 10 is the most innovative and most secure mobile operating system introduced ever. With pleasing visuals and secure architecture, BlackBerry 10 has become the choice of a variety of mobile users. Based on QNX operating system, BlackBerry 10 is way mature mobile OS as compared to the existing OSs like Android, iOS, Windows OS for mobile.
Duncun Kasel

Quick Cash Payday Loans Borrow The Assistance Of Easy Finance Today! - 0 views

    Quick cash payday loans can be simply gained by one in order to meet his/her emergency cash needs. They are the suitable choice for the loan seekers to avail hassle free backing with the excellent terms. By availing this amazing deal you can have enough cash to overcome any sort of worries.
Ultimate Stock

Webbed Gloves Frog Gear Fins @ - 0 views

    Put your competitors in shame by improving your swimming performance by using these frog gear fins, perfect choice for the beginner swimmers. These silicon made gloves slip over your fingers and allowing you to quickly propel yourself through the water. Some More Features Are: *    Extra elasticity and special cut, hydrodynamic shape, reusable design. *   …
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