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Apple - Support - Discussions - Forum Home - 0 views

  • Featured Forums Got a new iPod? Read what other users are talking about in the iPod forums. iPod shuffle iPod nano Fifth Generation iPod All iPod forums
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Chris Voks

Get touch Apple Support Phone Number UK @44-808-280-2972 for instant solutions - 0 views

    Apple Support Phone Number UK is a best solutions provide for Apple technical issues and error. All Apples can get instant support and service from Apple Support UK. Apple Support provide expert to give solutions for Apples queries with instant solution. Our toll free number 44-808-280-2972 available 24*7/365 days.
Graham Perrin

preferred alternatives to Apple Support Communities for providing support to Apples and developers of Apple products and services - 2 views

  • preferred alternatives to Apple Support Communities for providing support to Apples and developers of Apple products and services
  • 27-Jul-2011
  • Existing alternatives
  • ...28 more annotations...
  • Which existing forums — beyond Apple Support Communities — would you recommend?
  • importance: a pleasing experience
  • Existing alternatives: Logic…
  • some suggestions:
  • Mac4Mac
  • a lot of 'chatter'
  • contributor to MacRumors
  • nonbreaking spaces appear as asterisks
  • Sussex Mac User Group (SMUG)
  • microblogs, where things can be kept brief
  • less engaged with Twitter
  • for conversation, Twitter's interface is very poor
  • UIs that are pleasing, with reasonable quality of content
  • macos-x-server
  • Nabble interface to lists is even better
  • Stack Exchange
  • Apple (FAQ)
  • Super User (FAQ)
  • OpenID enabled
  • ##Apple-support group on Wuala
  • don't get sidetracked by the Wuala resource
  • Mac OS X Hints
  • requirement to type HTML
  • Macintoshian Achaia — Ars Technica OpenForum
  • no preferences for pagination
  • pagination makes reading something long more difficult
lu yang

Apple: Samsung copied too much even Google could not stand - 0 views

    The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung next week a formal trial, although not yet a formal trial, but the two sides have begun a war of words. It is reported that Apple plans to use the Samsung contents of the file to defend, some of which File, Samsung smart phones and android tablet pcs and Apple iPhone (parameter picture sample evaluation) and iPad are surprisingly similar, it is also within the company The issue had been discussed, but has also been a clear warning of Google and other third-party companies. Apple said in the trial file: "Samsung's documents show that Samsung products with Apple products is not accidental, not Samsung's own claim that" natural evolution ", on the contrary, it is Samsung intentionally copied the result of sales of the iPhone and the iPad appearance, icon design and intuitive Apple interface Samsung's public statements and the contents of the file inconsistencies, Apple will be based on the file to defend. " Some evidence in the trial documents show, Samsung is not only interested in copying the iPhone and iPad some of the features and functionality, this bad behavior has also been a clear warning of Google and other third-party companies. The following are the some of the more persuasive view Apple excerpt from the files of the trial: - In February 2010, Google had explicitly told Samsung, the latter "P1" and P3 google android tablet (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1) and the iPad is too similar, and requested the Samsung P3, with the iPad distinguish off. ung's product design team pointed out that the Galaxy S and iPhone 4S looks much like the "regrettable". - Samsung launched a formal assessment of some well-known designers had warned Samsung, Galaxy S "from the outside over-copied the design of the iPhone, Samsung should have its own innovation." The designers explained that the "Galaxy S is very similar appearance with the iPhone, there is no significant difference if you put the Samsung Logo on the product cove
lu yang

Apple: Samsung copied too much even Google could not stand - 1 views

The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung next week a formal trial, although not yet a formal trial, but the two sides have begun a war of words. It is reported that Apple plans to use the Samsu...

apple android tablet

started by lu yang on 30 Jul 12 no follow-up yet

Apple Human Interface Guidelines: Icon Genres and Families - 0 views

  • For example, the icons for user applications are colorful and inviting, while utilities have a more serious appearance. Figure 10-2 shows user application icons in the top row and utility icons in the bottom row. These genres are further described in "user Application Icons" and "Utility Icons".Figure 10-2  Two icon genres: user application icons in top row; utility icons in bottom rowThe graphic flexibility of Aqua icons can also help users identify files associated with an application. In iTunes, for example, a visual cue provided in the application icon is carried over into icons for other files associated with iTunes, forming an icon family, as shown in Figure 10-3.
    This page is no longer found.
helloe - News - Do more with your Apple Remote - 0 views

  • A few weeks ago, we brought you news about Remote Buddy. It's a neat little application that allows you to control almost anything on your Mac mini with the Apple Remote. The response to an application offering this kind of functionality was pretty enthusiastic, so I wanted to let you know about three other applications in the same category. They are iRed Lite, Mira and Sofa Control. You can learn more about each one of these applications down below. So if you're looking to get more out of your Apple Remote, I suggest you download them and give them a try. Remote Buddy "Remote Buddy provides you with a one stop interface that allows you to control almost anything on your Mac just with the remote control. Besides tools that allow you to emulate keyboard and mouse, eject CDs, terminate applications and much more, Remote Buddy also can control applications directly. It does this through specialized plugins, so called Behaviors. Already included with Remote Buddy are Behaviours for iTunes, Keynote 3, PowerPoint, Photo Booth, QuickTime Player, EyeTV 2, DVD Player, VLC Media Player, Real Player, Adobe Reader, Acrobat Pro, CoverFlow, Quinn, GarageBand, NetNewsWire, MPlayer OSX, Expose and many more. For your convenience, Remote Buddy has a set of intelligent algorithms that can automatically choose the best fitting behavior for the currently running applications. Plus a table of the active mapping and the behaviors menu is always just a press of the Menu button away." Download Details:   Developer: IOSPIRIT   License: Demo   Price: $12.70   System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later Sofa Control "Apple ships a Remote Control with any new Mac. The pre-installed functionality is limited to control just a couple of applications. Sofa Control breaks this limit. With Sofa Control you are able to control any application on your Mac and trigger the actions you like. Sofa Control gives the control back to you. Sofa Control uses AppleScript to control any application installed on your Mac. It's full extendible and adoptable by the end Apple with their own scripts. Sofa Control provides specially designed "sofa suitable" Apple interface elements to choose files and to bring up menus. A special application switcher makes it easy to switch between applications. Sofa Control ships with support for a number of applications like Eye TV, Preview, iTunes, Adobe Reader, Keynote, VLC, Quicktime Player, Powerpoint, NetNewsWire, and more. A download area for new and updated scripts is provided on the product's website." Download Details:   Developer: CASE Apps   License: Demo   Price: $9.99   System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later iRed Lite "iRed Lite (iRL) was made for all Macs equipped with an Apple Remote, but may be used by keyboard or mouse as well. It allows you to control the basic functions of applications like iTunes, iPhoto, PowerPoint or Keynote from remote. Examples for these apps as well as for others are provided with the iRL package. iRL does not interfere with Front Row, but supplements it. A visual feedback of iRL is always only a click away: press Menu on your Apple Remote and you'll get an full screen or a resizable on-screen menu to show you what kind of action an Apple Remote button will cause. Switching between applications or control scenarios is also done in a snap: hold Menu for a second and you can switch between "layers" of controls. Optional audio feedback lets you operate iRL even without sight. iRL is highly customizable with a built-in Editor, which features a simple mode as well as an expert mode and it is only at its beginning: Themes for on-screen menus as well as an
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Graham Perrin - 3 views

  • Technical Help Post your Mac related problems here
    • Graham Perrin
      Orientation such as this is missing from the head of each topic, so I probably will not use Mac4Mac.
  • A friendly Mac community for Apple Apples, by Apple Apples
    Origin: preferred alternatives to Apple Support Communities for providing support to Apples and developers of Apple products and services
enmail User To Win 80GB User iPod On November 22nd, Enter This Contest - 0 views

  •       80GB: 20,000 Songs 2.5-inch color display 5.5 ounces 2.4 x 4.1 x .55 inches $349.00 Your thinking, is this guy full of it, or what? Can you afford to miss your chance by having doubts? Stay tuned, on November 22nd, I’ll announce the winner here in an update to this post. Tony Miller 10/30 Contest Update: Contest has been extended to include 2nd and 3rd place iPod winners. One user who bookmarked this page, will be selected at random, as the 2nd place winner of a 4GB iPod nano. 4GB: 1,000 Songs 1.5-inch color display 1.41 ounces 1.6 x 3.5 x 0.26 inches 199.00 One user who bookmarked this page, will be selected at random, as the 3rd place winner of a 1GB iPod shuffle. 1GB: 240 Songs 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 inches 0.55 ounce 79.00
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Chris Voks

Apple Technical Support Phone Number - 24*7 Technical Support UK- 44-808-280-2972, Computer Tech Support, Fix PC Issues - 0 views

    Get Apple Technical Support @44-808-280-2972 related to Apple's product issues or errors. If Apples have Apple's gadget and they suffering from problem in their product, then they need to technical support for solving issues and problem. Apples need just call @44-808-280-2972 toll free number and get instantly solutions from our experts. Apple Support Number UK available 24/7 for Apples help.
shah shazwaz

Rumor: Apple capturing information on FaceTime calls | CutViews - Apple News and Tutorials - 0 views

    An Apple employee (call him "Alpha") who works in the iPhone Development Department has leaked some information to us recently, most of which will come as a surprise to many. The amount of shocking information leaked is beyond the grasp of an individual and shows how far Apple and AT&T will go to lock their Apples and steal their information while they have no clue about it.
shah shazwaz

Apple TV to stream $.99 TV show? | CutViews - Apple News and Tutorials - 0 views

    According to NewTeeVee the rental program Apple is promoting would work just like existing movie rentals: Apples would have 30 days to start watching the show, and would then need to finish within 24 hours of starting playback. NewTeeVee report Apple is trying to get TV programmers to let it rent individual TV shows for 99 cents each, as opposed to the $1.99 it receives for sales of standard-definition episodes and the $2.99 it gets for selling HD episodes. The TV rental program would work in much the same way that movie rentals now work through iTunes; once an episode is purchased, the consumer will have 30 days to start watching the video. And once started, the TV rental will be available for 24 hours before it expires.
Tahir Mirza

iOS 4.3 Build 8F455 For Apple TV 2G Released!Brings Support to Stream Purchased TV Shows & Adds Vimeo - 0 views

    Apple rolled out iOS 4.3 Build 8F455 update for Apple TV 2G Apples which included new features like the ability to stream  purchased TV shows from iTunes first time ever, right from your TV and support for Vimeo. The most important feature of the iOS 4.3 Build 8F455 update is its ability to allow us

How to prevent auto renewal after trial time of Apple Music - 0 views

    Apple Music offers free 3 months trial for every Apple and by default, it will automatic renew after trial time is ended. If you don't want to pay for Apple Music service after the trial time you should turn off its auto renewal option.
Chris Voks

Get instant help with Apple Customer Support & Service Number UK +44-808-280-2972 - YouTube - 0 views

    Have you Apple gadgets and its irritating you? Don't worry, Here Apple Support Number is available for help you. Now you didn't more headache, you need just call our technical team and concert with them your queries or issues. They provide best resolutions about your query. Apple Support UK Number 44-808-280-2972 available 24/7 for Apples help.
Chris Voks

Best Apple Support Provider | Apple Support Phone Number UK - 0 views

    Visit to Apple Support Phone Number UK for know about Apple's new features and what new improvement added in Apple's. Whatever, here third-party support and services provider to provide solutions of Apple's related issues or error. Apple can contact with Apple Support Phone Number +44-808-280-2972 toll free.
Chris Voks

Apple support number is here to support you by Chris Voks - issuu - 0 views

    Apple Support UK Number is available 24/7 for customers help regarding to Apple's issues or queries. Apple Support Number provide best industry professionals to resolve Apple's issues. Apples can call Apple Support Number at 44-808-280-2972 toll-free number to get any assistance according to Apple's device problems like installation, setup, backup, and password recover, and so on.
Bakari Chavanu

TidBITS Networking: Achieving Email Bliss with IMAP, Gmail, and Apple Mail - 0 views

  • Well, that's what I intended to do, anyway. The more I wrote, the more I realized how many aspects of the IMAP/Gmail/Mail universe are unclear or confusing, as evidenced by the many email messages I've received on those subjects, and as feedback to my books ("Take Control of Apple Mail in Leopard" and "Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail") and my Macworld articles on the topic. So, what I thought would be a straightforward article has turned into a manifesto. (That means it's quite long, and somewhat opinionated - fair warning!) And, I admit it: I've written it for a largely selfish reason, which is to save myself from having to explain this information repeatedly in email messages! But I do hope you'll find it interesting and helpful if you've ever struggled with the combination of IMAP, Gmail, and Mail.
  • POP and IMAP are both methods of retrieving messages from a mail server. (In fact, many mail servers support both protocols, enabling you to access the same messages in either way.) The most common way to explain the difference between POP and IMAP is this: With POP, you download all your messages to your computer, whereas with IMAP, all your messages remain on the server. That's more or less true, but it overlooks several important points.
  • In the first place, IMAP servers, unlike POP servers, can keep track of flags for each message, indicating things like which messages have been read, forwarded, or replied to. With POP, your local email client has to track this information. That means if you download a bunch of messages on computer A using POP but leave them on the server, and then switch to computer B, you can still download the messages again, but they'll all appear to be unread - computer B won't know which messages you've seen, filed, or otherwise dealt with, because that information isn't kept on the POP server.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Second, speaking of filing, another key difference between POP and IMAP is that POP has just one mailbox - your inbox - on the server, whereas an IMAP server can have any number of mailboxes. So, if you check your email on computer A and move a certain message to your Read mailbox, and then check your email on computer B, that message will appear in the Read mailbox there as well.
  • If you use IMAP, you absolutely can have local copies of all your email messages, in their entirety, on your computer, and you can read, search, file, and do anything else you want to do with those messages even if you have no Internet connection at all - just as you can when you use POP.
  • And, as a bonus, you can use IMAP as a sort of rudimentary email backup. Even if your disk crashes or your computer is stolen, you'll still have a copy of all your messages on the server.
  • IMAP does have a couple of downsides, which may or may not be significant to you. First, most IMAP servers impose a storage quota on each user. If that quota is fairly low (say, 1 GB), you could run out of space for all your messages, forcing you to move some off the server to a mailbox that's stored only on your computer.
  • Apple Mail, which is a much better IMAP client than some, nevertheless has a handful of quirks in its handling of IMAP that can drive one to distraction. If you combine Mail's IMAP oddities with those of a less-than-standard IMAP server - Web Crossing, I'm looking at you - you could easily have unpleasant experiences that may lead you to the erroneous conclusion that IMAP itself is buggy or poorly designed. (Later on, I'll get into the even weirder ways that Gmail deals with IMAP.)
Jeff Johnson

Allow non-administrator users to add or remove printers | Mac Admin Corner - 3 views

    Apple added a "feature" to Leopard which restricts non administrator Apples from managing printers on their Macs. While this is desired behavior on a public machine such as a classroom, it is a problem for single Apple machines such as faculty, staff and 1:1 deployments. By default in Leopard, a non-admin Apple can not add or remove printers. They are also not able to hold or resume a print job. This is a problem if you want Apples to be able to add printers themselves, especially if they're bringing their laptops home.
Mobiloitte IND

You Can Now Simply Switch To iOS From Android without Any Fuss! Here's How! - 0 views

    Things are heating up now! Android might lose some of its customers! Apple has now simplified Apple migration for Android Apples. The 'Move to iOS' app helps them to wirelessly transfer all their sensitive data from their Android device to an Apple OS device with ease! Read on for more details on this…
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