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Vodafone releasing iPhone in Australia, Italy, India, and seven other countries - Engadget - 0 views

    Vodafone's just got a tiny, minor, insignificant announcement to make this morning: it's signed with Apple to sell the iPhone in ten markets, including Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy (so much for Telecom Italia), India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey.
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Richard Sheppard

Free iPhone Ringtones - 0 views

    This works with iTunes 7.6.2 as well. Just grabbed a snippet of "Nanook Rubs It" by Frank Zappa - the Great Googly Moogly bit!
Richard Sheppard

My 2 cents worth of iPhone tips for Switzerland | David Roessli's Empty Set - 0 views

    A few good tips here - maybe useful even if you thought you knew it all about jailbroken iPhones.
Jeff Johnson

Forbes: Steve Jobs' Plans for the Apple iPhone | Newsweek From | - 0 views

  • Apple is knitting together a broad coalition of companies around a vision of computing that goes far beyond today's hot-selling iPhone and toward a future that combines wireless broadband and touch-sensitive interfaces with built-in motion sensors.
Jeff Johnson

Schools Respond to iPhone's Popularity - 0 views

  • Why are high schools banning devices like this without first considering their potential as mobile learning devices?
    "Why are high schools banning devices like this without first considering their potential as mobile learning devices?"

iTweaks : Tweak Anything Apple - 0 views

    • diigo373
      Top 10 iPhone optimized sites
    Top 10 iPhone Ready Websites
    Posted in Uncategorized by Apple Tweaks on the April 3, 2008 Edit This
    Tags: iphone optimized sites, iphone plugin, wordpress for iphone

    As the Dot Com age is evolving so is the means of which we receive our information. Here is a nifty list that I found from I love this site! Subscribe today!

    These are the most Optimized sites for the iPhone

    1. Facebook - : this is definitely the best iPhone optimized website that I have seen. I fell in love with it right off the bat. I have been using it for a while. My favorite feature is the text reply to messages. This feature allows you to see who just commented or emailed you and allows you a quick and easy way to reply back to that person. I also like the picture viewer app and it is really easy to browse profiles. Try it out! If you did not know about this iPhone opitimized site then your stoked and Facebook just got better :)
    2. Digg- : Digg is a social network site that lets you share information about links to stories, articles, videos, blogs you name it. It is fast and easy! Check it out!
    3. - : Brandone Eley writes about his accidental discovery of this iPhone optimized site. read more at
    4. eBay - : of course if Amazon has one you should expect ebay to be optimized too. :)
    5. Google - is optimized nicely. Click on and hit the mobile link. I love this one because I can get all of my rss feeds from my Google reader page.
    6. Tada List - : Never heard of this site till yesterday! I guess this is good for making to do list on your iPhone.
    7. Leafllets - : Once again never heard of it. But awesome and clean interface. Leaflets lets you check feeds from Newsvine,, yahoo upcoming events, flickr, NY Times and much more. It also points
Janet Tokerud

iPhone Atlas - iPhone guides, help, applications, news and more, updated daily. - 0 views

    ooh. If you use your iPhone in the SDK developer program, it won't work as a phone any more.
Raúl - [^BgTA^]

iPSP | coming summer 2007 - 0 views

    Mod para que la PSP parezca un iPhone
helloe Noticias sobre Apple, Macintosh y Tecnología en Castellano - 0 views

shared by helloe on 25 Feb 07 - Cached
  • iPhone : Detalles escondidos del (futuro) iPhone de Apple
    No nos da tiempo a subtitularlo (si lo consideráis interesante lo haremos a lo largo de la semana), pero la gente de ACTV se han dedicado a analizar casi microscópicamente lo que se vio en la keynote de Jobs, y extraer algunas conclusiones que avanzan aún más cómo va a ser el comportamiento del software incluido.
    En general, con un poco de "buena voluntad" creo que se entiende bastante bien lo que "dicen".
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All things iPod, iPhone, iTunes and beyond | iLounge - 0 views

shared by leengy on 18 Feb 07 - Cached
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Apple - iPhone - 0 views

shared by enmail on 15 Feb 07 - Cached
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Apple - 1 views

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weowei wei

LG officially calling Apple's iPhone a copycat? - Engadget - 0 views

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