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Mac Gizmo Guy

Apple Mac Compatible Graphics Tablets and Pads - 6 views

    Top choices in Mac compatible drawing tablets for casual sketchers and doodlers - or Pro graphics designers and illustrators.
Jeff Johnson

Acorn, the image editor for humans. - 0 views

    Part of the $39 MacHeist bundle
Jeff Johnson

Picturesque - Make Images Gorgeous - 0 views

    Part of the MacHeist $39 bundle
Jeff Johnson

untitled - 0 views

  • The first Apple logo was a complex picture of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The logo was inscribed: "Newton … A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone." It was designed by Ronald Wayne, who along with Wozniak and Jobs, actually founded Apple Computer. In 1976, after only working for two weeks at Apple, Wayne relinquished his stock (10% of the company) for a one-time payment of $800 because he thought Apple was too risky! (Had he kept it, Wayne’s stock would be worth billions!)
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