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Payment SaaS

SaaS Payment Solutions - Setup in 30 Seconds | PaymentSpring - 1 views

    Process a high-volume of transactions quickly and securely with an enterprise account that supports your growing software platform. Your customers expect the best, and you should too. PaymentSpring partners with software platforms to provide a fast and reliable payment gateway with 24/7 real-time monitoring and strategic business solutions.

Introducing Android Mobile Instant Applications - 0 views

    Sometimes content is simply perfect accessed in its native application. But simply as often, we have not need for that native application beyond a specific instance. To deal with this inaptness, Google is introducing Instant Apps for Android. Instant app enables users to open the content in the app of site just seconds later, although they don't need the app installed. The Android user can install the full Android instant app if they choose to.
sandy rozon

Provide A Great Relief From Your Financial Burden! - Medium - 0 views

    If you are looking to avail a loan to fulfill your untold cash emergencies, check out Bad Credit Personal Loans without a second thought. Go ahead at online loan market and make some clicks to get the needed money right away! Get Instant Loans

Conical launched it's second Ubuntu based Smartphone | - 0 views

    Conical launched it's second Ubuntu based smartphone. Company launched first Ubuntu mobile in February this year. This dual sim smartphone features a 5 inch HD display. It will be powered by 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. It will come in 8 GB and 16 GB storage variant. It will come with a Megapixel rear camera and a 5 Megapixel front camera. It will be priced about Rs. 12,000.

Apple Released iOS 8 Beta 5 for iPhone and iPad user - 0 views

    Here you get full stuff related iOS 8 Beta 5 for iPhone and iPad, you can also find what's new in upcoming iOS 8 OS, it may be second last of ultimate iOS 8
Herbert Bell

Getting Started with Firefox extension - Diigo help - 0 views

  •  Feature Highlight: Highlights Diigo saves the day with "highlights". Highlights let you select the important snippets on a page and store them in your library with the page's bookmark. Let's try it. Just open a page, maybe one of your old-school bookmarks or one of your new cat bookmarks, and find the information on that page you actually care about. Select that important text. Got it? Okay, now put your hemet on, 'cause this might blow your mind! Click the highlight icon on the Diigo toolbar. It's the one with the "T" on a page with a yellow highlighter. You will notice that the selected text gets a yellow background. This means that the text has been saved in your library, and as long as you have the Diigo add-on the text will be highlighted on the page! How's that for easy?   Now you've highlighted the text. It will appear in your library within the bookmark for the page it is on. Go to your library and you can see how it works. If you're not sure how to get to your library, just click the second icon on the toolbar (Diigo icon to the left of the search bar) and then select "My Library »".
  • Sticky Notes on the Web What? I can put a sticky note on a web page? How? Oh, that's right! Diigo. Just right-click anywhere on the page and choose to "add a floating sticky note". Type up your note and choose "Post", then move the note anywhere on the page. You have to type a note first, before you move it where you want, otherwise there's nothing to move!
Toshiro Shimura

Loads of fake Apple shots hit the web: 3G iPhone pre-WWDC edition - Engadget - 0 views

  • Our source who played with the 3G iPhone told us explicitly there is no front-facing videoconferencing camera. Even still, when we were ferreting around the new 3G iPhone firmware today, we were keeping an eye out for altered or additional camera drivers, something to indicate a front-facing camera. Nothing. The text explanation for Exchange and iChat are so bad as to make the whole thing unbelievable. (Apple's doing video chat for Windows? Huh?) But that's not all! Say, wouldn't that exchange logo be in the Apple banner that's up at the Moscone right now? All the other iPhone icons are. No Apple design would be laid out the way this guy's got his page laid out here. Bottom line: looks pretty, but so very fake.
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seth kutcher

Online Computer Repair Tech - 1 views

I always have a hard time whenever my computer is in trouble. Hard time for two reasons; I can hardly find someone who can do computer fixing for me and second, I cannot call our local technician t...

computer repair tech

started by seth kutcher on 28 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
shai edrote

They Helped Me With My PC Issues - 1 views

I need computer help and I really need it fast! I am in the middle of doing something important on my laptop when it suddenly froze up and shut down. I do not know what is wrong. All I know is that...

They Helped Me With My PC Issues

started by shai edrote on 12 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
thanaads Thanaads Noo

greenpois0n Untethered Jailbreak Finally Released for Windows | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    The Chronic Dev Team has released the greenpois0n untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1. It took an extra 48 hours for the jailbreak to be released for those using Windows systems (meaning, most of us), but that's now here as well.
Danilo Luzuriaga

How to unlock the IPhone 3GS 3.1.3 (7 E 18) - 0 views

My Iphone 3GS Blocked again………. My iPhone was blocked on Monday, February 15, 2010 after I restored the new version 3.1.3 with iTunes. I saw my iTunes screen and message appeared saying "You have ...

iphone 3gs 3g unlock tool software ipad 4G ecology

started by Danilo Luzuriaga on 18 Feb 10 no follow-up yet
thanaads Thanaads Noo

LinkedIn For iPhone 3.0 Launches | iPhone News Updated - 1 views

    Professionals who both own iPhones and are members of LinkedIn are in for a treat. LinkedIn for iPhone 3.0 has been released, and the new app (which remains free) represents an improvement over the old one in almost every way.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Next-gen iPhone to boast 5-megapixel camera | iPhone News Updated - 2 views

    The next generation model of the iPhone is to offer a 5-megapixel camera, if reports from Taiwanese "industry sources" are to be believed.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

IPhone clone wars heat up | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Just when it seemed like none of the iPhone copycats that have been hitting the market stood a chance against Apple's iconic smartphone, some new evidence is emerging that shows iPhone clones are getting a second wind.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Apple's next media frontier will be streaming video | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Video entertainment was "the one that got away" from Apple, but recent moves reveal the company is taking a second stab at the category, and that streaming video will play a major role.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Apple with iPhone more profitable than Nokia | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Research from Strategy Research said that Nokia slipped into second place in the USA in the third quarter, leaving Apple with its iPhone as the most profitable handset vendor.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Hybrid Chip Means Verizon iPhone is Coming in 2010 | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    The second half of 2010 could finally bring a much-anticipated Verizon Wireless iPhone. A new hybrid chip developed by Qualcomm makes it possible to communicate with several different network technologies using only one component.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

False Alarm: New iPhone 3GS Not Jailbreak-Proof | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Apple has reportedly begun shipping iPhone 3GS units with a new bootrom, which might help combat hacks enabling installation of unauthorized software. However, iPhone hackers say Apple's new firmware only causes a temporary inconvenience for jailbroken devices, and the handset is still hackable.
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