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thanaads Thanaads Noo

Samsung offers up new touch-screen Eternity | Mobile Phone News Update - 0 views

    Looking to share a little of the industry glow currently spotlighting the new BlackBerry Storm, Samsung Telecommunications America has announced the arrival of its advanced touch-screen Eternity handset.
Toshiro Shimura

米作家のiPhone用電子書籍、App Storeで販売 - ITmedia +D モバイル - 0 views

  • カナダのZappTekは7月7日、iPhoneとiPod touch向けの電子書籍サービス「Legends」を提供すると発表した。iPhone用のアプリケーションストアであるApp Storeで、書籍1冊ずつが単体アプリケーションとして販売される。  App Storeの中では「Entertainment」に分類され、最初のラインアップはNew York Timesのベストセラー作家であるマイケル・A・スタックポールによる短編・長編となる。スタックポールは日本ではスターウォーズ小説の作家としても知られている。  Legendsにはしおり機能、メモ機能などがあり、白黒反転、画面回転などが可能。価格は短編が1.99ドル、長編が4.99ドル。英語版。App Storeスタートの7月11日から発売される。

Entertainment Club - 0 views

    free unlimited downloads,free movies,songs,games,wallpapers,videos,funniest videos
thanaads Thanaads Noo

iPhone to become a home systems OpenRemote | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Marc Fleury (of JBoss fame) and Mark Spencer (of Digium fame) have a significant side project: turning us all into couch potatoes, but doing it with open source.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Dynadel releases Beauty 1.0 - Face Analysis for iPhone and iPod Touch | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Dynadel today announced the release of "Beauty" for iPhone and iPod touch. The Dynadel's Beauty application is a simple face analysis tool used to determine how proportional and symmetric a frontal face photo is. Facial symmetry is one of a number of aesthetic traits associated with health, physical attractiveness and beauty of a person. It is also commonly referred as a factor in both interpersonal attraction and interpersonal chemistry.
clyd3 robert

Panasonic 1080p - 0 views

    Panasonic 1080p Twin-lens P2 Camcorder for Native 3D Captures. Panasonic 1080p device will boast a twin-lens system for capturing 3D footage natively in 1080p
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Is the Classic iPod a Goner? | iPhone News Updated - 0 views

    Is this the week Apple will kill the iPod Classic? Lets hedge some bets and consider Apple's options.
thanaads Thanaads Noo

Apple Tablet Most-Watched Product of 2010, But By Whom? | iPhone News Updated - 1 views

    There is no question that PC pundits are eagerly awaiting Apple's supposed new tablet, but what about customers? This is a high-risk game and Apple must know it.
New Media Services

Mobile Servicing for your iphone or any other phone - 1 views

Connect with New Media Services Pty Ltd. for quality assurance when it comes to Customer Support Service - Customer Support Services 24/7 Inbound and Outbound Email and Voice Support focused on ...

iPhone Apple mobile 3g phone application Servicing New Media Services Pty Ltd

started by New Media Services on 05 Jul 11 no follow-up yet
avy wordsmith

Best Animation Tools That Every Animation Artist Loves! - 0 views

    Animation refers to the practice of creating moving images using different graphics. In the present age of electronic devices animations carry a lot of significance in projecting the right information; it is as well as a source of entertainment too. There are thousands of jobs for the professionals adept in animation skills.
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